About Us

KidsstuffCanada is family owned and operated.  We work and live in the community that we were raised in. 
Come in and indulge in our wonderful collections of treasures.   We specialize in the very best of things from a families point of view.   Our nooks and crannies are filled with impeccable items for all to enjoy.  The closets and drawers are dancing with adorable clothing for all ages.  Our sports shop is loaded with all the right gear for young and old.  Our enchanted library is always brimming with magic.   Grandma's attic is decorated with attic treasures from years gone by.  Grandpa's Garage is filled with the "Garage Tools, Farm and Garden Supplies and our favorite " Camping and Fishing Adventures.
We stock our shelves daily with one-of-a-kind items.    We do our very best to stock the most impeccable items for our customers, and we do our very best to honestly describe our goods.    Please remember most our our items are gently loved, all from smoke-free homes.   From over 10,000 local families and community members.  Become a preferred community member and join our community wish list!
We are a socially responsible, community business.  We believe in all aspects of recycle and re use.  We pride ourselves in keeping our footprint in the recycle bin.  Not the landfill.
We are located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and have been in business since 1996.
Our first 10 years started with our brick-and-mortar retail store.  We then expanded with the addition of our Ebay store.   As top-rated Powersellers for 16 years, we have achieved over 10,000 positive feedback reports from our customers.  With the success of our website store, we had to put our Ebay store to bed.  We have an amazing community to work with and families who care greatly about our environment.
Purchase from us with confidence!

Our local customers are welcome to purchase their items using local pick up. They can then pick up their items at their convenience with our non contact pick up. 
We pride ourselves with our excellent customer service.   Please do contact us for further information.   We are always happy to hear from everyone.
Enjoy your visit!!!