We Wish To Welcome Everyone To Our New E-Commerce Store.

Posted on March 27, 2013 by Christina Kingcott | 1 Comment

     A big hello and smiles to all our old friends of 16 years. Also a big warm welcome to our new friends. The cottage is now closed. We outgrew the shop a long time ago! Too many customers for our wee street.

    We have always specialized in the very best of things from a child's point of view. Our quality and standards will not change. We will always offer impeccable items at an affordable price.

    We are absolutely thrilled to be able to now offer all aspects of our business to everyone, through our new web store. There are five main entrances on our site. The first is our cottage toy shop. Second is our sporting goods shop, third our adorable clothing boutique, fourth Grandma's Attic (still in the making) and lastly, our enchanting library. Click on their pictures and enjoy your visit. 

    Our site offers; fantastic larger photos, bulk shopping via Canada Post worldwide, and local pickups- by appointment. Payment must be made on our site prior to pickup. The best secure safe payment process with Pay Pal. As well, the very best part.. Our customers can shop 24/7 from the comfort of their own home, at work, on a plane, on vacation or enjoying a bubble bath.

    We have made a few changes to the business end.   We no longer Consign the products from our clients  We now purchase them for the same 50% in cash, however payment is made up front at the time of drop off or pick up.    Gone are the days where our clients had to waite for there cash.    The amount of time and work it takes for us to update all our accounts has become over welming.    Our products all sell quickly.   We made the decision to do away with all the paperwork.       .happy happy happy.    

    Our team is listing 5 days per week. Please ensure you subscribe to our subscription button, in order to receive our weekly updates, and notifications of our 1 day events. Space is limited therefore, we will continue to do 1 day events at the lovely cottage when we have large daycares, retirements or big preschool loads.

    We would like to thank the fabulous team and Shopify for all our their help. We just could not have done this without them. Lastly, a special thank you to all our costumers for their warm emails, support and patience.  


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Dayle Howell
Dayle Howell

January 09, 2015

I came across your website when I was searching Used Victoria looking for toys for my grand-daughter. I ordered some toys and picked them up today. I was extremely pleased with the condition all the toys were in. I will definitely be ordering some more from you. I read that I can subscribe to your site for updates but I couldn’t seem to get it to register on my IPad. I am looking for a little outside ride em vehicle, such as a Little Tikes Coupe or something similar. Could you please add me to your subscription list.
Thanks for your excellent and speedy service.

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